SCRG vs Rose City Rockets

Today a group of our skaters headed over to the home of the world famous

Rose City Rollers to take on their fresh meat team,

The Rockets.


Mies Van der Roll received her first MVP Blocker award for Storm City, a recognition she deserved,

and Machete Michaud came home with MVP Jammer!


Mies Van der Roll                    Machete Michaud

photo by: Andy Oakley

Mies…”You earned it! I haven’t watched you play in forever; and you killed today! Pivoting/jamming/blocking! All the things. You brought a smile to my face many times.”  –  Your Mom’s Favorite (RCR)

“It was fun!” said Machete Michaud, “Neck to neck the whole game – we even had lead at one point or two. They walked away with the win, 153- 129”

This is the first scrimmage Storm City skaters have participated in since having a month off, and what a great way to start the second half of our season! Don’t miss all the fun…SCRG will be joining up with Air Raid (Hillsboro) on August 20th for a black and white mashup, come out and support your team.  The scrimmage will be held at noon at the Eastmoreland Courts, 3015 SE Berkeley Pl, Portland, OR 97202 (Sellwood area).  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased from your favorite skater.  Get em’ while they last!