Luce Cannon

Started in Derby: 10/2017

What do you do when you are not skating?
I spend a lot of time with my husband and son. We are always doing something. Going to the beach, mall or traveling. On my own, I love to play video games when I have a spare moment! Kingdom Hearts is my all time favorite game! I think I’ve played that like ten time through. I also really like to read! My favorite book is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

What made you decide to join roller derby?
I remember when I was like 6 years old, my Grandma and I were watching an old crime drama on TV. One of the episodes was about derby, and I thought that it was the coolest thing I had ever seen! I was really into rink skating around that age and would try to go every weekend.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t much opportunity to get on a derby team where I lived. Putting the derby dream behind, I grew up and moved to Vancouver. I remembered reading posts that a friend of mine wrote on Facebook about derby, and decided I would give it a go! I am happy I did, I really love it!

What is the best advice you would give to someone who wants to join derby or what was the best advice given to you?
Get up and do it! If you want to do something don’t let anything stop you! Most of the time, the only thing standing in your way, is your own self-doubt. Give you self-doubt the middle finger, and lace up those skates!

What is your favorite ’90’s song and why?
Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice is my favorite song from the 90s, and I couldn’t even begin to tell you why! It’s just my jam! If you ask me, I will gladly rap the whole song for you!

Name three interesting/ random facts about yourself.

  1. I am a Visual Designer at Clark College
  2. I can name all 50 states in Alphabetical order.
  3. My favorite band is the Gorillaz
Seasons 2017, 2018