Kicky Longstocking

Started in Derby 02/2014

What is the significance of your derby name and number? I’ve always been an “active sleeper”. Kicky Longstocking is a nickname my husband gave me because I kick the everloving crap out of him while I’m asleep. It stuck.

What do you do when you are not skating? I’m a project manager for a local technology and communications company. Data center nerds of the world, unite!

What made you decide to join roller derby? I have a wicked bad competitive streak and after college and being in the work force for a while, I was missing that adrenaline rush. My brother, who is also a derby player, had been bugging me to give it a try so I bought a $50 paid of used skates at a swap meet and never looked back!

What keeps you motivated to keep skating? My team, for sure. I love everyone like family and I love watching everyone grow and evolve together. That and it’s done wonders for my confidence and self esteem. I never realized how strong I was, mentally and physically, until I started playing roller derby.

What is your favorite ’90’s song and why? Oh jeeze, don’t judge. MMMBop. Hanson. I don’t need to justify my decisions to you.

Name three interesting/ random facts about yourself:

I own castle property in Scotland. Legally, I hold the title of Lady.
I once slow danced with Steve Buscemi.
I have classical opera training.


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