Next of Ken

I have been roller skating since childhood. I went to a Rose City Rollers derby bout in about 2005. It was like nothing I’d ever seen and I was instantly hooked. I’ve never been an athlete but just watching, I could feel every crossover and hit happening on the track. A friend showed me a flyer and I checked into Portland Men’s Roller Derby. I joined in March 2010 and have been proud to skate, representing the PMRD league, travel team, Bridgetown Menace, and my home team, Bone Daddies. Joining the roller derby community is nothing less then life changing.

“Next of Ken” is a play on “next of kin”, of course and includes my street name. My number, 65, was simply taken from the year of my Mustang.

I began assisting at skate classes in 2012 and have especially enjoyed working with beginner and intermediate skaters at the rink, the flat track and outdoor skating. I have been involved with Storm City Roller Girls from the beginning and I’m excited to see them grow as an athletic league, as community members and as confidant, caring women who work hard, play hard, support and encourage each other.

There are so many derby skaters that I admire, for their skill, grace, endurance, personality, strategy and teamwork. My heroes though, are the women who show up and are scared shitless. They quit making excuses and lace up their skates and take that first step… and the next… and they fall… and they get back up and keep getting up. Helping them learn and accomplish their skating goals is most rewarding. This is what derby is to me.

Seasons 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017