Riot Gere

Started in Derby 07/2010

Joined Storm City 03/2017

What is the significance of your derby name and number? Much like riot gear, I’m at my best when surrounded by people who are trying to kick my ass. Being Riot Gere reminds me to be fearless, take no s***, and embrace the chaos. My number is both my birthday and my anniversary.

What do you do when you are not skating? I write stories, read books, watch a lot of Netflix, and go on adventures.

What made you decide to join roller derby? A womyn jumped out at me at a bar and said, “You should play roller derby.” I agreed with her, showed up to the next practice, and I’ve been playing ever since.

What keeps you motivated to keep skating?  I’m the most powerful version of myself mentally, emotionally, and physically because of derby. As if that wasn’t enough motivation, I love pushing and being pushed by my teammates to get better and better!

If you could be any super hero/villain who would you be and what would be your power? Ahem, Riot Gere IS a superhero.

If you had six months with no obligations or financial constraints, what would you do with the time? Write. Non-stop.

Name three interesting/ random facts about yourself. I make most of my own jewelry, I’m obsessed with shoes, and I swear I’m not a hipster but you have probably never heard of my favorite band (They’re called Katzenjammer and they’re amazing).

Season 2017