Roxie Roulette

Age: 32

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

League Responsibility: Membership Committee Chair

What is the significance of your derby name?

I racked my brain for months trying to come up with a name, and an acquaintance suggested a name that included “Roxie” as they believed it fit with my personality. It just so happens that the musical, Chicago, is one of my faves, so it seemed fitting to tack “Roulette” onto it. And so, Roxie Roulette was born.

What do you do when you’re not skating?

I’m a mommy to 3 boys and I work as a supervisor, overseeing the care for the elderly and disabled. With the little amount of free time I have between all of that and skating, I love to sing and dance (the two of those I RARELY do outside of my own home), anything crafty, anything involving Legos, and binging on Netflix.

What made you decide to join roller derby?

A few years back, I was at the Portland AIDS walk with my mom and saw a few girls pass by that were donning skates and Rose City Rollers t-shirts. They were cute, spunky, and gave off that “Don’t mess with me, I’m a bad ass” vibe. Those were my kind of peeps. I told my mom, “Someday, I’m going to be a roller girl”. And then, I made it happen.

What keeps you motivated to skate?

A few things…I absolutely LOVE the ladies in my league. I have never been as comfortable in my own skin as I am at this point in my life, and I have them to thank for that. The amount of dedication and drive these woman have never fails to amaze me. I also have a client who is wheelchair-bound and loves to listen to my derby stories. He tells me often that someday he will go rollerskating, so I do it for him too!

Who is your derby crush/hero?

My derby heart belongs to Tatty Munster. I can’t get enough of watching her skate for many reasons. I could write a novel on this topic, but I will spare you all.

What is the best advice you would give someone who wants to join derby or what was the best advice given to you?

Even if derby is just a twinkle in your eye, don’t hesitate to try it. Just do it. You will amaze yourself with what you are capable of. All of us started out at the bottom, and got to where we are today by pushing ourselves to our limits, enduring blood, sweat and tears, with the support of many, many amazing people, otherwise known as our team mates, our families, and our coaches.

Name three interesting/random facts about yourself:

1) I am secretly a huge Star Wars and Harry Potter fan.
2) I’m not a girly girl, but I do LOVE my makeup, hairstyles, and an occasional dress.
3) My long-time dream is to open a bakery someday.

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